Aroundsound begins

as-ear-y-o_2xHere at Gritstone Studios, we are focusing on building Aroundsound, an app where sound clips and audio memories can be easily captured, revisited and shared.

We’ve noticed that there are many people, like ourselves, who collect audio memories and sound clips and struggle to find or share them easily. There are plenty of apps for taking sound recordings, but finding and listening back to recordings, sharing recordings and connecting with / following other people’s sound recordings isn’t easy.

Many people simply ignore the medium of pure sound, opting to take photos or videos instead. But we think that unlike video / photo, pure sound allows you to remain part of the moment, and retain memories in a different way. In some circumstances, it’s a better way to capture the moment.

The app we’re building allows you to collect and edit your own collection of sound recordings, identify and listen back to recordings easily, and share them with family or friends. The app is currently in prototype, on Android,¬†and will be released as a private beta to Google Play very soon. We’ll turn to iOS later down the line.

If you’d like to hear when the app will be available for download, please drop us an email hello [@] and we’ll be in touch.

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