Aroundsound iPhone App, by Gritstone Studios, is live

Today marks a significant milestone for the first product and main focus from Gritstone Studios: Aroundsound. TheĀ  Aroundsound iPhone app is now out in the Apple App Store.

You can use it to capture and share everyday sounds that are special to you; your baby babbling, bathtime giggles, the church bell chiming on the way to work. Save them, share them and invite others into your world using sound.

You an download the iPhone app on the App StoreĀ here.

This is the first version, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) if you like, and there is much more to come. We value any feedback at this stage, as it all helps to shape the product to come. If you like the app, please give us a good rating!

Gritstone Studios are the product development team behind Aroundsound, and we are based in Manchester, UK and Budapest, Hungary.

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