Hello, we are Gritstone Studios. We are a start-up product development company, based semi-remotely and working out of Manchester, UK and Budapest, Hungary.

Our first product and main focus for now is the product Aroundsound.

Aroundsound helps you to record, replay and share moments that matter. It is super easy to compile clips into digital albums. All your sounds are backed up and accessible from any device.

We believe that sound is special and different to video. You can capture sound whilst remaining part of the moment, rather than seeing life happen through a screen. You can listen back and let your imagination wander. You can capture and share moments that wouldn’t warrant a video recording, moments that would otherwise slip away and go unsaved.

The Aroundsound app is currently available on Android (in Early Access) and on iPhone.

Gritstone Studios is co-founded by Rachel Evatt, Ian Murray and Viktor Pali. Rachel and Ian are both based in The Peak District, Derbyshire, where gritstone is prevalent in the Dark Peak landscape.

  • Rachel‘s experience is in product design, management and growth marketing and her previous start-up, Zoombu, was bought by Skyscanner, where she worked for seven years first as Product Director, then Director of Operations and Strategy. Rachel loves spend time with her family in the Peak District and is a keen runner and cyclist.
  • Ian is an experienced developer with a background in Computing Science, and has worked as a senior developer at Zoombu and Skyscanner. Ian is a skilled rock climber and loves to spend time hanging on the gritstone of the Peak District.
  • Viktor was a leading member of the app development company Distinction, which was acquired by Skyscanner. He has extensive app development and product management experience. Viktor is based in the vibrant city of Budapest.

Key advisors include:

Mark Logan, who has over 25 years of experience in successful tech-startups and 1st-tier internet tech environments. Mark was the COO of Skyscanner from 2012 up to its acquisition for £1.5bn in 2016, and previously VP of Engineering at Atlantech, and a founding member of big-data start-up Sumerian.   He now works as an advisor, investor and non-executive director.

Yara Paoli, the Former Vice President of Growth at Skyscanner, an international speaker on growth and change management and a start-ups Growth Consultant. Yara is a music lover and avid traveller, and GrowthX Ambassador.

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